Helicopter Hog Hunting Texas

Experience of a Lifetime Just one hour from Dallas, Texas! Book Now! Have Questions?
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Helicopter Hog Hunting Texas

Experience of a Lifetime Just one hour from Dallas, Texas! Book Now Have Questions?
Learn More About Sky Hunters!

Skyhunters in Action!

Helicopter Hog Hunting Texas in Action!

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This is one helicopter hog hunting trip you won’t be able to stop talking about!

Skyhunter Outfitters LLC is currently booking for the 2019 winter season (Jan 7- Mar 31st). Dates go fast so you will want to book early.


Skyhunter Outfitters LLC is THE premiere Helicopter Hog Hunting Outfitter in Texas! Our jet engine Bell 206 helicopters are expertly flown by a former Army Cavalry Scout helicopter pilot! We have the experience to get you on feral pigs ensuring plenty of opportunity to shoot! Whether you’ve been thinking about a trip with a couple of hunting buddies, with the family or maybe even a corporate getaway; either way, you’ve found the right place! Our helicopter hog hunting packages are all inclusive with no hidden fees or up-charges for items such as gun rentals or extra ammunition!


Your hunt begins when you arrive at our lodge, just an hour north of Dallas, the evening before you fly. Our chef prepares southern, home cooked style meals and deserts for you to enjoy. After dinner, we relax by the fire pit and discuss helicopter safety, aerial gunnery techniques and what to expect the next morning. From there, enjoy the rest of your evening with friends and family around the fire.


The next morning begins with breakfast before dawn. Once everyone is ready, we head to the hangar and pair shooters off into groups of two for a safety and aerial gunnery refresher and “dress rehearsal” with the helicopter. Each shooter will practice safety around the “bird” and will have the opportunity to get comfortable with the shooting positions using the harness and firearm. After that, it’s the sound of a jet engine, blades turning and the adrenaline rush that comes with slaying feral hogs from a helicopter!


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Why fly with Skyhunter Outfitters

Why Fly with Skyhunter Outfitters?

We have a 98% helicopter hog success rate


Our pilot is the only former Cavalry Scout pilot offering Helicopter hog hunts in Texas. No one else has the same level of training and experience!


  • Extensive training and experience in low level flight and aerial gunnery techniques!
  • Unlike other outfitters that use a piston engine R22 or R44s producing a 205 max horsepower, we use only Jet engine 206 series Bell Helicopters that produce between 370 max horse power (206B3) and 650 max horsepower (206L1 C30).
  • This means a safer more stable flight!
  • Guns and unlimited ammunition is included in your flight!
  • We offer lodging complete with a full time Chef!
  • Fully licensed and insured through John F. Throne & Co.


Ensuring your helicopter hog hunt is safe and fun.


Safety is priority number one for us. Having fun is a very close second, though! When you arrive, each group will be given a helicopter safety course followed by an aerial gunnery techniques course. Our pilot has extensive training and experience with safety AND aerial gunnery having been an OH-58D Kiowa Warrior pilot and Squadron Mountain Master Gunner trainer. This course usually takes about an hour and 30 minutes and ensures you understand how to be a safe and efficient helicopter hog gunner!

A Brief History of Feral Hogs in Texas

The most destructive species in North America.


Domesticated pigs were first introduced to North America 300 years ago by Spanish settlers. They were brought over as a source of food for the explorers and before long some escaped into the American wilds. Over the years their population grew allowing feral hogs to gain a foothold on the continent. Later, in the early 1900s Russian boars were brought to the United States for sport hunting. These animals also escaped and bread with other feral hogs in the area. Russian boars interbreeding with feral pigs contributes to coloration, size, head shape and tusk length variations as you travel across the American South.


Texas is no stranger to fighting the feral hog epidemic. Farmers and ranchers across the State have been struggling for over 30 years with a huge feral hog population boom. For example, a sounder of feral hogs can damage up to 50+ acres per night in cornfields. In 2011 Texas introduced House Bill 716 which allows eradication of this invasive species from helicopters by private companies and shooters. We are proud to offer this opportunity to sportsmen and hunters in a very safe and fun atmosphere.

Public Enemy #1

The history of helicopter hog hunting

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Beau Coplin

Everything about Skyhunters is first rate! This experience is a "bucket list" for any hunter. These guys cover everything. They cover shot placement, safety, what to expect etc. It was a great time expert guides. Their concern shows through in making sure you have a safe, fun and successful hunt. The prices are also the best out there..



I'd been keen to go heli-hog hunting for a while. I picked Skyhunter Outfitters for its proximity to Dallas and all the positive reviews. Having just spent two days with them I'm now delighted to write my own.
I cannot recommend these guys and this experience enough. Right from the start they are a delight to deal with.
Chris, the owner and pilot, is exceptional. All his 13+ years of military flying become so apparent. His knowledge of the helicopter, the land covered and the habits of the hogs are unbeatable. He and his crew are able to offer the most fun and exciting time without compromising on safety one bit.
Everyone in the team I met and dealt with was brilliant.
The lodge, the food, the hospitality - again all great.
I also did the night hunt with night-vision scopes. If you're out there you have to do this too, it's such a unique and exciting experience.
I cannot recommend these guys highly enough.
Have fun!


Michael Gossling

Just left Skyhunter Outfitters after an incredible helicopter hunt. We stayed at the lodge the night before and did a night hog hunt with the thermal scopes. The lodge was accommodating and clean. Johnny the cook made a great dinner and breakfast before we went up in the chopper the next morning. The night hunt was great and the thermal scopes we used were incredible.
The next morning the pilot, Chris, took us on a 2 hour hog hunt. It was the coolest thing I have ever done, hanging out of the side of a chopper while busting hugs as they ran. Adrenaline rush like nothing else! Great company and the coolest thing you will ever do! We will definitely be going back for round 2!.

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