State of Texas Resolution Certificate – Helicopter Hog Hunting

Join Us for a Hog Hunt!

Helicopter hog hunts are a unique experience you and your guests will not forget

State of Texas Resolution on hog hunting and allowing Sky Hunters to hunt wild hogs.
Click Image to read this certificate presented by Texas Sate Representative for District 2, Bryan Slaton

Wild hogs are considered an invasive species by Federal and state governments, and have been found to be too difficult for to manage even when using game wardens and helicopters. In 2021, there were an estimated 2.6 million hogs in Texas and an annual growth rate of 20% due to litter size, and short gestational periods. For this reason, the state of Texas has turned to the state’s many hunters for help, and businesses such as SkyHunter Outfitters have taken up the challenge to both help the state control this invasive species, and give hunters the unique experience of participating in the population control from the unusual platform of a helicopter. Helicopters are useful in that they give an arial view of a field, they are maneuverable, and hogs inherently run from them.

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