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Helicopter hog hunting: Experience the thrill of feral hog eradication in Texas style!


Wild hogs are a menace to the land owners and farmers of Texas and other states in the southern U.S. responsible for damaging both the Economy and Native species like Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Ducks and other ground nesting birds. This invasive species necessitates usage of every tactic and tool that is available for controlling the damage done to farms and wildlife. Feral hogs are a quick breeding, resilient and invasive species, not native to the North American ecosystem and contributes heavily to the damage to the local flora and fauna. In addition, they are also notorious for the damage they cause to property, crops and livestock of farmers and ranchers costing them millions of dollars statewide. It is estimated that the total population of wild hogs is 5 to 6 million in Texas alone!


At Skyhunter Outfitters, we offer the opportunity of helicopter hog hunting through the Aerial wildlife and land Management program. Flying in a jet powered helicopter at 120+ mph and engaging these destructive animals while helping the ranchers and farmers in controlling the feral hog population. All of this was made possible after House Bill 716 was passed in 2011, this allows you to take a seat in our helicopter at an attractive price and go for the adventure of helicopter boar hunting in Texas. The adventure is fit for all age groups except for children under 16 and fun for groups of all sizes.


Before hog hunting in Texas

For most Americans, wild boars equate to many sub species of feral and wild pigs who are spread throughout the southern states but are mostly concentrated in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. They are responsible for spreading destruction and disease. Skyhunter Outfitters are the premiere helicopter hog hunting outfitter in Texas! We put you up at our lodge, located just an hour’s drive from Dallas or DFW airport. Whether you are a resident of the Lone Star state, any other state in the US, or an international traveler, you will find the Texas hospitality that we offer refreshing and tasteful. The adventure would await you once you arrive at our lodge located on the 10-2-4 Ranch and have had a home cooked style Southern meal prepared by our chef. After that, by the fire pit, we discuss the plan for tomorrow including helicopter safety and gunnery techniques.


The next morning breakfast welcomes you before dawn and once everyone is done, we move to the hanger, where we proceed with additional in depth training on aerial gunnery and safety. We dedicate ourselves to safety and want to make sure you have plenty of time to acquaint yourself with the shooting positions using the harness and firearm, and get you comfortable around the equipment. After that the real excitement begins as the sound and smell of the jet engine Bell 206 helicopter fires up and takes flight toward the best hog hunting in Texas! Nothing beats the thrill of using cutting-edge equipment and working with the best professionals in the field of helicopter pig hunting!


Helicopter hog hunting season!

At Skyhunter Outfitters, we only fly during the best time of year to harvest as many hogs as possible! The “Season” runs from January 4th to about April 30th of each year. The reason for this is two fold. The Whitetail rifle season ends the first weekend in January so we don’t conflict with deer hunters who also make use of the same land we fly in November and December. It would be pretty rude of us to fly over you in your stand! The second reason has everything to do with spring and when the leaves begin to come back on the trees and brush. Once this occurs our chances of finding and staying on the pigs is greatly reduced! Who wants to waste their time and money?! We want you to have the best experience possible so we restrict ourselves to eradicating as many feral hogs as possible during these three winter months!


The best hog hunt that money can buy

When compared with the other operators in Texas providing a similar service, you will find that Skyhunter outfitters not only provide you with a more robust experience but also that our prices are quite competitive. Our helicopter hog hunting prices are packaged reasonably whether you are planning to take a solo hunting trip, a family vacation, a trip with your buddies or even a corporate retreat. Skyhunter Outfitters ensure that you are not faced with any hidden charges and last-minute surprise such as separate charges for guns and ammunition. Our price of $2000 per hour includes unlimited ammunition and excellent value for your money by using the best flying equipment. We use only Bell 206 helicopters producing 370 (206B3) and 650 horsepower (206L3). Our helicopters are flown by the only former Army Cavalry Scout helicopter pilot in the helicopter hog hunting industry.


Liaison with the landowners

We enjoy very positive, symbiotic and collaborative relationships with the farmers, ranchers and other landowners. We constantly receive requests from them to ensure that we are flying over their land and helping them deal with the menace of wild hogs. Our pilots are also knowledgeable about the patterns of the feral pigs and the right time to target them. The landowners are very appreciative of our efforts in curtailing the mess made by the wild pigs. We also have special packages for the landowners who are interested in helicopter pig hunting over their own lands.


Safety first and foremost

We ensure that all our hog hunters are well-trained in the safety procedure before they set out on their hunting adventure. Former Army scout pilots give you detailed instructions on safety and aerial gunnery techniques through a 90-minute training session.

Feral hogs are a serious problem for everyone being opportunistic omnivores who prey on livestock and wild animals alike. They also disturb the soil and feed on plants uprooting them and adding to soil erosion. The helicopter hog hunting at Skyhunter Outfitters is not only a viable solution to control this problem but also can be a fun-filled adventure for you and your family and friends.


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