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Feral hog problem in Texas

August 3, 2017

Skyhunter Outfitters was proud to meet with Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller to discuss the feral hog problem in Texas.

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January 17, 2018


Hello my name is Calvin Loftice . I just stop by few minutes ago & y’all was taking off. I talk to your guy at the hanger just now. My Son (Allen) jeep was stolen last night about 5:30 about three miles north of Honey Grove. If y’all happen to see it during your flying hog hunting I would appreciate you contacting me here at Helena r the local law. Also my Son was electrocuted back in July & was wondering if y’all could give him a ride in the helicopter at your convenience. He has no use of his right arm, & it would make him very happy. Thank you. God Bless. 903-449-2755. Are just drive down road to Helena.



January 03, 2018


About time for some #helihoggin #Bell206L!



December 25, 2017


Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄🎁🚁



October 18, 2017


Just spent the afternoon with Capt Troy Willie over at Stick 'em up Bowfishing. If you're near Slidell, LA give them a Call! https://m.facebook.com/StickemupBowfishing/



July 19, 2017





July 16, 2017


🤔 about that preflight inspection...



July 15, 2017


If you like watching #helihoggin videos check out our youtube channel and be sure to share our page here and subscribe for more videos on youtube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWhp6Vx-8c5FyhuxzoM1kRg



July 11, 2017


Skyhunters is moving from the VEPR-12 to the UTAS XTR-12 for the winter 2018 helicopter hog season! 12ga mag fed semi-auto that functions like an AR-15!



July 09, 2017


Hey guys we'd like to let you know about a raffle going on out in the Bonham and Paris area. The raffle benefits the Honey Grove volunteer fire department. The winner of this wonderful prize will receive a weekend stay in the range cabin, fully guided Whitetail buck hunt, the processing of the venison and the taxidermy work. If you're interested in tickets contact Carter Womack at 972-998-4253. See the ticket below for details!



July 04, 2017


On this day 241 years ago we became a Nation. Take a moment to remember those who sacrificed everything so that we may be free! Happy Independence day!



April 30, 2017


If you're going to be in the Sherman area on Saturday May 6th and are in the mood for some crawfish and fish check out Red River Alliance Wounded Heroes. All information is located in the picture here. There are going to be some hot items on that silent auction!



March 10, 2017


The Swaim brothers were hot on the trigger today! 23 pigs down #helihoggin! Thanks for coming to see us Jordan & Geoff!



March 09, 2017


James came out from London, England for some #helihoggin! 42 pigs and 1 Coyote down! Safe travels back home!



March 06, 2017


41 pigs and 3 coyotes down for the premier guys! Awesome job!




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