Attention Land Owners!

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Every year we join thousands of landowners and farmers across the state of Texas battling feral hogs. This invasive species causes massive amounts of damage to crops, livestock, and native wildlife. "Helicopter hog hunting" as it is usually called is actually Wildlife and Land Management, a program authorized and governed by Texas Parks and Wildlife. We provide this proven method of wildlife and land management to farmers all across the state!


If you are a landowner in Fannin, Lamar, Hunt, or Delta county and have feral hog problems or would like to have your land flown to prevent damage from feral hogs, we've got you covered! Generally, this takes about 30 minutes to an hour from start to finish.


If you are a landowner or farmer elsewhere in Texas, we will travel to you and would be happy to come fly and get rid of your hogs! Give us a call and we can work on getting your property protected from feral pigs!


We also provide other services:

  • Wild and exotic game counts
  • Exotic game capture (netting)
  • Land protection
  • Cattle herding

Is your land being damaged by Feral Hogs?